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Language English
Author Nabil Patel
Publication Embbasy Books
Category Photography
Age Group All
Book Highlights NA
No Of Pages NA
Summery "CLICK! Your Guide To Photography' is more than just a regular guide to photography. It is a memoir discussing the learnings of the photographers. The book gives an insight into not only techniques and skill required but a certain ethic that one mustt follow if they wish to do photography. The simplicity of the guide is sure to make the content register with the reader. There are no prerequisites, it is not a textbook; all one needs is a passion to capture moments. Moments are beautiful. They can get you down from time to time or make you feel like everything has escalated to a point where you are no longer able to understand how you react. But, moments stay beautiful, because the ones that are not fun, teach something new. This book helps you capture those moments through ones eyes and replicate them, through lens.
Translator NA
Weight 400 Gm


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