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Language English
Author Toni Morrison
Publication Vintage Books
Category Novel
ISBN Number NA
No Of Pages 211
Translator NA
Summery Published in 1970, The Bluest Eye is Toni Morrison’s first novel. The Bluest Eye is the story of Pecola Breedlove. A young black girl, Pecola yearns for a normal life. She yearns to be ‘normal’, like the other white children around her. Tired of being laughed at for being different, for not being beautiful, Pecola desperately prays for ‘blue eyes’ and for beauty. Pecola wishes for acceptance, so that she is treated differently. She desperately wants her life to change. Her life does change, but in all unwanted ways. The Bluest Eye is a moving story of an eleven year old black girl, her childhood, her desperate desire to fit in, how her life disintegrates, and how she finally loses her sanity. One of Morrison’s most powerful works, The Bluest Eye was also one of her more controversial works, with themes of racism, incest and child molestation. Like all of Morrison’s works, her first novel also depicts black culture and traditions. One of the most prominent African American writers, Morrison’s focus is also on the being black in America. She concentrates on the plight of black women who have to put up with racism, as well as suffering at the hands of black men. The novel also has some autobiographical shades. The setting is Lorain, the place where Morrison grew up. Claudia's struggling family take in Pecola who comes from a broken home with parents who are always fighting. 9 year old Claudia also shares many other things with the author. Like Claudia, Morrison too grew up listening to her Grandpa’s violin and her mother’s singing. Pecola resembles a little black girl Morrison knew in her childhood, who also yearned for blue eyes.
Age Group All
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