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Wings Of Fire

Language English
Author APJ Abdul Kalam
Publication Universities Press
Category Novel
Age Group All
ISBN Number 978-81-7371-146-6
No Of Pages 180
Summery This Book is interwoven with my deep involvement with India’s first satellite Launch Vehicle SLV-3 and Agni Programees, an involvement which eventually led to my participation in the recent important national event related to the nuclear tests in May 1998 . I have had the great opportunity and honour of working with three scientific establishments—Space, Defence Research and Atomic Energy. I found, while working in these establishments, that the best human beings and the best innovative minds available in plenty. These people were also great dreamers and their dreams are finally culminated in spectacular achievements. I feel that if we consider the combined technological strength of all these scientific institutions, it would certainly be comparable to the best found anywhere in the world. Above all, I have had the opportunities of working with the great visionaries of the nation, namely Prof. Vikram Srabhai, Prof. Satish Dhawan And Dr. Brahm Prakash, each of whom have greatly enriched my life. A nation needs both economic prosperity and strong security for growth and development. The technology vision 2020 plan into place certain schemas and plans for the economic growth and prosperity of the nation. I earnestly hope and pray that the development resulting from this two plans –Self Reliance Mission and Technology vision 2020 will eventually make our country strong and prosperous and take our rightful place among the ranks of the “developed ” nations.
Translator NA
Weight 300 Gm
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